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Believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.

–Christian D Larson



Dr. Clifford Buhl


Hello and welcome. As an established psychologist, I have helped hundreds of people find meaningful ways to understand themselves and grow. I provide therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families. My style of therapy focuses on partnering with my clients to create paths of meaningful personal growth by offering a safe place to heal. I offer intentional listening and thoughtful collaboration to help clients bring clarity and insight to the obstacles in their lives that hold them back from authentic internal peace and happiness. I provide clients with strategies to assist them in actively focusing on their ability to make positive choices, cope with struggles, and ultimately reach a place of resilience, well-being, and health. 

Therapy can be the first active step in taking charge of your life. Take the time to get to know yourself, to expand your understanding of the past, and move to forward to a life full of promise and personal empowerment. Do the work to get to the heart of the problems in your life. Let me be a partner in your journey to a better you. 


I offer individual therapy to help people overcome obstacles to their well-being. Therapy can increase positive feelings, such as compassion and self-esteem. People in therapy can learn skills for handling difficult situations, making healthy decisions, and reaching goals. Many find they enjoy the therapeutic journey of becoming more self-aware. Some people even go to ongoing therapy for continued self-growth.


Couples therapy is joint process between a therapist and a couple. Common goals are aimed at helping you and your partner identify the conflict issues within your relationship,  agree on what changes are needed in the relationship, and in the behavior of each partner, for both of you to feel satisfied with the relationship.


Family therapy can be useful in any family situation that causes stress, grief, anger or conflict. It can help you and your family members understand one another better and learn coping skills to bring you closer together.

Family therapy tends to focus on the roles played by each family member and improving communication within the family.

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